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Master’s Degree Program in Community Development
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Yonsei Univ. Mirae Campus


Yonsei University Mirae Campus was founded in 1977 as a second campus to Seoul campus. As of 2017, the campus has 6,778 undergraduates, 303 graduate students and 540 faculty members in 39 academic departments. There are also 76 foreign undergraduates and 62 credit exchange students. The city of Wonju is located in Gangwon province, and about 60 miles east of Seoul. The 500-acre campus is surrounded by a dense forest and a beautiful lake, while featuring highly-equipped facilities, great cultural diversity and a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Yonsei University Mirae Campus (https://www.yonsei.ac.kr/en_wj/)

Graduate School of Government, Business and Entrepreneurship.

The Graduate School of Government, Business, and Entrepreneurship researches and teaches theories and practices in the changing society under Yonsei’s founding principles of truth and freedom. It was established in March 1990 to contribute to social development by nurturing talents with leadership, creativity, and capability.

The graduate school targets students who aspire to systematically and effectively study the new areas to middle managers from all sectors. There are seven more majors (all Korean) in addition to this program: economics and trade, business administration, public administration, educational administration, political science, international welfare, and entrepreneurship. The graduates are actively working in all corners of Korean society utilizing their capabilities that have been nurtured throughout its master program.

In addition, in order to meet the trends such as democratization, localization, and globalization, Yonsei developed a course for high-level executives based on its experience and strength in education. Around 1, 100 students completed the short-term executive course over 23 rounds to improve their leadership and capabilities.

In September 2011 the graduate school opened a new Master’s Degree Program on Rural Society Leadership Development for Global Poverty Reduction as a special program for government officials who will play major roles in overcoming poverty in developing countries in the financial support of KOICA. Now this Master’s Degree Program in Community Development is an extension of former program. By transferring knowledge of community development to policy makers and project managers from developing countries, this program will be expected to contribute to the sustainable development of their own countries.

Canaan Farmers School
Yonsei University Mirae Campus, 1 Yonseidae-gi, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do, South Korea.
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