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Yonsei-KOICA Scholarship Program
Master’s Degree Program in Community Development
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Dean's Welcome

Welcome to the Yonsei-KOICA Program.

Yonsei is a university that was founded about 130 years ago by young American missionaries, Underwood, Allen and Avison. It is not an overstatement that Korea, as one of the most underdeveloped countries at the time, gradually started to change by such young passionate missionaries. Since then, Korea have transformed into an exemplary country by accomplishing modernization, industrialization, and democratization in a very short period of time. Yonsei University is proud to take great part in the process of Korea’s development and growth.
Korea's rapid development and growth is giving hope to many underdeveloped countries in the world. However, such development was not resulted solely by the efforts of Korea. The development of Korea is a result of foreign countries’ love and supports. Now, Korea has the responsibility to give the same love we once received to other nations. Yonsei-KOICA Program is based on this philosophy of sharing the Korean experience with others.

We expect the leaders from the Asian and African countries to learn these Korean experiences through Yonsei-KOICA Program and utilize them for the development and growth in their local countries. We hope the Yonsei-KOICA program would help to not only get their local communities out of poverty, but also help to create free and prosperous communities. Yonsei-KOICA Program is a program that serves both our neighbors and a global community, and practices “the way to future through Yoneri-Koica program”

Sincerely with love,

Chang-Soo, Kim, Ph. D.
Dean, Graduate School of Government, Business and Entrepreneurship, Yonsei University

Canaan Farmers School
Yonsei University Mirae Campus, 1 Yonseidae-gi, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do, South Korea.
Tel. +82-33-760-2479  |  Fax. +82-33-760-2312  |  E-mail. bagunik@yonsei.ac.kr

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