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Yonsei-KOICA Scholarship Program
Master’s Degree Program in Community Development
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Academic Affairs


1. Class enrollment periods
In the middle of February and in the middle of August (before the beginning of each semester)
There is summer and winter session in addition to 3 regular semesters. While online enrollment is required during the regular semesters, it has to be enrolled off-line in KOICA office for the two seasonal sessions.
Students who want to change classes can use the second enrollment (add and drop) period which usually is at the first week of each semester.
(*Details on class registration and change will be announced after your arrival.)

2. Academic Regulations

A. Program period and Class Hour

(1) Period of required for completing a course of study : At least 4 semesters.
(2) Summer Session and Winter Session would be operated under the necessity. Enrollment and Grading of the sessions would be loaded on the students' academic affair information in Fall semester or Spring semester.
(3) Class hour would be between 9:00am-10:00pm

B. Credits

(1) Credit : Each course is provided with 3 credits. *Exceptions are 1 credit for "How to Write Master Thesis" and 0 credit for "Thesis" and "Korean Language and Culture(I) & (II)".
(2) Credits per a Semester : Students can take up to 12 credits per a semester.
(3) Required credits for Graduation : Students have to take minimum 46 credits.
(4) If they fail to achieve the required credits, students may be conferred only a certificate without degree.

C. Qulification of publishing thesis.

(1) Complete three semesters and achieve minimum 46 credits.
(2) GPA above 2.7
(3) Pass a Qualification (At the beginning of the 3rd Semester)
(4) Students who has assigned advisor and 2 co-advisors of their thesis.
(5) If the students are not qualified to publish their thesis, going through Yonsei-KOICA Steering Committee Meeting, publishing thesis could be replaced as 'Project-Action Report'

D. Return, Dismissal, Readmission

(1) Return

① Time and procedure : Student who has withdrawn due to unavoidable reasons and desires to return to the program has to submit the Return Applications. In this case, all expenditure for Visa and tuitions, etc. must be covered by student's expense.

(2) Dismissal: Students are subject to dismissal if they fall under any of the following categories. Decision will be made by the


① Those with unacceptable behaviors and no promised academic improvement
② Those who sabotage courses
③ Those who neglect studentship and bring dishonor to Yonsei University Graduate School of Government and Business

(3) Readmission

① Student who has withdrawn from the program due to unavoidable reasons but desires to be readmitted has to submit Readmission Applications within the first five years of admission.
② Semesters and credits already completed during the earlier stage will be maintained up on readmission.

E. Master Thesis

Student can submit his/her "Thesis Proposal" by the end of the 2nd semester. After being assigned thesis advisor, student will get regular instructions from the advisor professor. It is strongly recommended for students to complete his/her thesis by the end of the 3rd semester.

F. Completion without Degree

(1) Students cannot be conferred Master's Degree without passing the thesis evaluation and meeting the minimum credit requirements.
(2) Thesis submission after completion: Student who has completed the program without thesis pass will be able to register extra semesters (paying 1/8 of regular tuition fee) for thesis writing within the next 5 semesters. After submitting thesis and passing the thesis evaluation, student can be conferred Master's Degree.

3. Other Information

A. E-certificate Request and ID Card Issue: Student can request them at the School Administration Office.

B. If there is any change in the address, e-mail address, or contact information, student can log into the School Affairs

Information System (http://uis.yonsei.ac.kr/) and fix them directly or request the changes at the School Administration Office.

Canaan Farmers School
Yonsei University Mirae Campus, 1 Yonseidae-gi, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do, South Korea.
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