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Yonsei-KOICA Scholarship Program
Master’s Degree Program in Community Development
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Yonsei dormitory

Ⅰ. Housing Services

- Participants will be housed at an on-campus dormitory, Seiyon dormitory. Each student will be assigned to a single room. Depending upon the demands for dormitory, two students may be assigned to a single room during a certain semester or session.
* During the vacations, participants could be housed at other on-campus dormitory, Maeji and Cheong yeon.

Ⅱ. Facilities (http://maeji.yonsei.ac.kr/~mjdorm/)

Seiyon Dormitory Seiyon Dormitory
546 rooms are available.
(The photo on the left is the building of the 2nd Seiyon Dormitory, and those at the bottom are some of its major facilities.)
Bedroom Study Room Seminar Room
Bedroom Study Room Seminar Room
Lounge Prayer Room Computer Lab
Lounge Prayer Room Computer Lab

- The room is furnished with a bed, desk, closet, mattress and cover (excluding bedding), small refrigerator, air conditioner, shoe rack, bookshelf, wired LAN, etc. Shower facilities and flush toilet are included in each room. (* Maeji dormitory has public shower facilities and restrooms.)
* individual bedding (blanket, pillow) should be either brought from home or be purchased upon arrival at the university.

- No kitchen in the dormitory, but each floor has a lounge which has a microwave oven for heating food.

- Janitor will keep guarding over the building. Every dormitory does not allow students to leave the building after 12 a.m. and enter until 5am.

- Elevator is available except for Maeji dormitory.

- Monthly rent will be paid by Yonsei University in cooperation with the KOICA.

Ⅲ. Regulations

- The tenant regulations and instructions will be distributed during orientation.

Dormitory Office

Facilities Functions Location Hours
Dormitory Office On-campus residential assistance 1st Floor,
Cheongyeon Dormitory
24 hours
(※affairs related to the
resident card: 09:00-17:00)
Canaan Farmers School
Yonsei University Mirae Campus, 1 Yonseidae-gi, Wonju-si, Gangwon-do, South Korea.
Tel. +82-33-760-2479  |  Fax. +82-33-760-2312  |  E-mail. bagunik@yonsei.ac.kr

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